6.0 Program Delivery and Management

6.0 Operations Focus


Objective: The SBDC designs, delivers, manages and improves key services and supportive or critical work processes that maximize customer and stakeholder value; improves operational effectiveness and achieves organizational success and sustainability.


6.1 Service and Process Design

The SBDC has processes to select, design, deliver and manage key services to support customer needs, the SBDC mission and the SBA Cooperative Agreement, and other stakeholder needs.


Describe the key services (*).


For the key services, describe how:

  • The customer services are designed, managed and align with key customer
  • Performance is analyzed for quality, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Data is used for continuous improvement of processes.
  • Specialty programs are leveraged with and integrated into the SBDC network (*).







6.1: Key work processes include customer related processes and other internal support processes considered important to the success and growth of the SBDC. Customer support processes frequently relate to your core competencies, strategic priorities and critical success factors. Examples might include processes built around customer services provided in financial analysis, market research, social media, management assessments, business start‐up, international trade, managing intellectual property and others that meet the unique needs of your network.


6.1:  Specialty programs include technology programs but may also include other programs such as international trade, environmental assistance or other niche services important to key stakeholders.