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If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to read the users guide.

  • I want to add a Success Story to the website
    • Every Success Story must have have a copy of the release form, any images or videos available, and the story itself. Then you can either put that information in Basecamp or send that information to
  • I want to add a Event
    • Add an event in Center IC as you normally would, but keep in mind that it can be confusing if you enter multiple events under the same name. I would suggest that you enter the date in the title (ex. New Client Orientation 2/25/13)
  • I want to add a tab to my Centers page
    • For adding a tab, send a word document of the title, the content, and any other special features you want.
  • I want to edit text
  • I found a bug
    • Since this a new site, finding bugs are inevitable. There is absolutely nothing you can break, so click around and go nuts. When you do encounter the inevitable bug, it would be fantastic if you e-mail me the following:
      • A Description of the bug,
      • What browser you’re using,
      • A screen-shot. Here is a link if you’re having screen-shot issues (
      We’ll try to keep up on these as best we can, but please keep in mind that our development team is very small and very busy.

Center IC

  • What does “Invalid Template ID 0” mean?
    • It means that you hit the “Edit” button when creating a new template instead of going through the new template wizard properly. Make sure that when you click “Add New Template”, that you dont close the pop-up box that appears. If you didn’t see the pop-up box, chances are that you have a pop-up blocker of some sort. Once disabled, you should be able to see it just fine.


  • Can I see all the Basecamp Projects?
    • You sure can! Click here to see all the active Basecamp projects and sign up!

Technical Support Resource Links

Palo Alto – Live Plan Resources

LivePlan Counselor Procedures
   -LivePlan Registration Link (do not hand out to clients)
LivePlan Client Procedures

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