Reporting is now being handled though Basecamp. If you do not have acces to your Basecamp page, please send me an email at

Basecamp is a powerful but simple project management tool that will help both the OSBDCN and your center communicate.

Every so often, the OSBDCN will go check your Center’s Basecamp page and assign contract tasks with due dates. These will mainly be with regards to submitting reports or forms. When we assign a new task, you will get an e-mail updating you with new information.

You can find all relevant reporting material in this Box folder, or at the forms and manuals page.

When you are ready to submit a file, you can either:

  • Sign into Basecamp, click on your centers reporting page, and attach your documents.
  • Send an email to¬†

We would prefer to recieve documents through basecamp, but if you are unable to, you can always send us an email directly. If you have any questions, please reply in Basecamp discussion thread or call us directly at 541-463-5250

Important Documents:

2014 Workplan

2015 Counselor Expertise