Small Business Management (SBM)

The Small Business Management Program

The Network’s longest running and most successful program, SBM is a one to three year program for established businesses that combines monthly classroom training and monthly individual counseling. The program offers business owners the opportunity to engage with their peers, learn basic and advanced business skills, and apply all learning directly to their businesses.

The classic SBM program is open to a cross-section of any kind of business, while the cohort-based SBM benefits a specific group of business owners (retailers, contractors, food entrepreneurs, etc.). In both cases the program lasts a minimum of nine months, and offers 30 hours of classroom time and 20 hours of advising time. Each business in the program generates one FTE (510 clock hours) due to the serious time commitment made by each business owner during the program year. (See FTE guidelines in the “Statewide SBM Leadership & Planning” folder). Assessment is performed in a similar format to initial client counseling sessions for a new client, where the Advisor provides needs assessment, determines a plan of action and identifies desired outcomes with the client as documented in Center IC counseling notes.

Supplemental SBM programs are provided based on the needs of different learning communities, and focus on specific industries, topics and delivery methods. While they may be offered under a condensed timeline (less than nine months) they still include 30 hours of classroom time and 20 hours of counseling.